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Questions climate change data

By Staff | Mar 3, 2017

To the editor,

It is great to see a civil discussion of global warming, climate change, or the weather. Take your pick. But it would take less paper if people realized how tiny humans are in the big scheme of things.

Anthropomorphic climate change believers cite temperature changes over periods of decades and call them significant enough to warrant extreme governmental interference in our personal lives.

But the world is a very old place. Decades of data, out of millions of years, used as a reason for all this totalitarian control are simply ridiculous. When folks complain about the high costs of the necessities of life it eludes their thought processes that steps to combat the threat of climate change are, to a large extent, to blame.

The details of temperature changes in 140 years are just smoke in our eyes obscuring the fact that markets, when left alone, will allow humanity to adjust to changing weather as they have for centuries; as evidenced, for example, by a trend toward longer season hybrids.

When we put dictatorial agencies in charge trying to outguess the future, odds are about 50/50 we will head in the right direction or wrong direction. Remember, scientists prescribed Thalidomide and DES (diethylstilbestrol). There is nothing wrong with skepticism, especially when it could help us avoid costly mistakes.

When Jerry Crew plants his cover crops into his no-till system, he mimics the natural processes that took millions of years to produce this exquisite soil. His soil will be more resilient than the dead soil owned by the farmers who murder the life in the soil every time they till.

Hopefully, the market will reward the longer-term thinking of farmers like Jerry and our society will be able to adjust to uncontrollable changes in weather, regardless of what those changes bring.

Fritz Groszkruger


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