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Bothered by cartoon, letter

By Staff | Mar 17, 2017

To the editor,

Concerning the March 10 cartoon by Rick Friday and the letter to the editor by Bob Uetz, titled “Inept,” I must comment.

Farm News fired Rick Friday last year because a cartoon ridiculing the CEOs of Deere, Monsanto and DuPont was published, but rehired him 60 days later. I was neutral in this since Friday does have the right to draw the cartoon under the guise of free speech, but FN also has the right to fire an employee, especially when failure to do so would reduce revenue, but I am now no longer neutral.

Friday’s cartoon portrayed “organic” farmers as merely sons of conventional farmers growing up to replace them – a continuation of children following the career path of their parents; but is, in essence, a glorification of “O” which is, in reality, pure southern emission from a north-bound horse.

“O” has zero relationship to conventional modern day farming, and is, in fact, the complete antithesis. No commercial fertilizers, no herbicides, no insecticides, no genetic breeding to enhance food quality and a complete repudiation of Norman Borlaug who has literally saved billions world-wide from starvation enhancing the nutrient value of food grains through gene manipulation.

But “O” really loves tillage. Yes, it’s the only method for pest control in “O” and, oh by the way, also the cause of soil erosion. If you don’t believe this, take a trip to Maharishi University at Fairfield, IA (the center of “O”) this spring and observe the mass soil erosion.

Bob Uetz is, in essence, calling Fritz Groskruger an inept, stumbling, bumbling, incoherent “Climate Denier” which is the clarion call of those pseudo scientists who blame man for climate change.

And, the avid “climate changers” are not only inept, but are, in reality, the true “deniers.”

After reading it, I realized the word inept was a perfect description of Uetz’ letter, not the letter by Fritz Groskruger a week earlier.

And Mr. Uetz, former president of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, falls into that category because it certainly doesn’t take a Mensa member to decipher Fritz’s quite clear message that it is sheer folly to think that mere man can change God’s great Creation overnight.

-Jerry Crew


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