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Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Apr 20, 2017

To the editor:

I certainly enjoyed the March 10th letter titled Inept by Mr. Bob Uetz regarding climate change because he employed both subliminal humorous sarcasm and critical thinking.My advice to him recognize those who deny human have and are affecting the climate are like those who deny the Jewish Holocaust despite clear evidence that it occurred.

Denial is as dangerous as uncritical acceptance both cause extreme damage to the psyche and harm the well-being of future generations Author Barbara W. Tuchman coined in her No. 1 bestseller The March of Folly that people in power suffer from woodenheadness. She described it aptly “as the source of self-deceptionn it is factor that plays a remarkable large role in government. It consists in assessing a situation in terms of preconceived fixed notions while ignoring or rejecting contrary signs. It is acting according to wish while not allowing oneself to be deflected by the facts.

Scientists are rethinking established norms that humans started to affect the global landscape at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution but now believe it began when humans went from hunter gatherers to growing food or agriculture production. Humans are the most destructive invasive Species on the planet. Humans seem hell bent

on soiling their own nest more so then any other species ever could.

In the March 17th letter Bothered by Cartoon by Mr. Jerry Crew ends his words by saying” it is sheer folly to think that mere man can change Gods creation overnight”. Using the word overnight in that context could be considered woodenheadness because it ignores the historic human footprint upon the planet.

Larry Ginter


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