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Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Jun 1, 2017

To the editor:

The April 21st edition of Farm News featured two letters written by Iowa CCI members Rosie Partridge and Larry Ginter. Ginter is a long time activist with at least two arrests including one in California for disrupting a Wells Fargo stockholder meeting. Ginter was, and still is, a professional protester long before “Occupy Wall Street,” “Black Lives Matter” and all the recent anti-Trump protesters became vogue. In Texas jargon, he’s “all hat and no cattle!”

I usually don’t spend a great deal of time belittling the author of a letter I’ve taken umbrage with, but Mr. Larry Ginter took the “gloves off” when he, in essence, called me a woodenhead. He starts his letter with praise for Bob Uetz (FYI another ICCI member) who had written a letter critical of Fritz Groskruger whom he accused of being a “climate denier” (so am I in that context) and inept! Everyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge about Fritz knows inept is NOT a term anyone associates with him!

Ginter took exception with my use of the term “overnight” in my comment “It is sheer folly to think mere man can change God’s creation overnight.” Would he have been happier if used the term “since Adam and Eve to present day” instead of overnight? Maybe I should have explained the term overnight doesn’t always mean 1 night!

“Climate change (CC)” used to be known as “global warming.” The name change was necessary because the earth’s temperature has NOT been steadily warming! Rather than admit their (the pseudo- scientists masquerading as “experts”) premise was wrong, they merely changed the name!

I reject the premise of man-made “CC!” In that context, I’m a “true” climate denier!

Jerry Crew

Webb, IA

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