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Letters from readers

By Staff | Jun 30, 2017

To the editor:

The ever-snarky Alan Guebert was at his absolute best (worst) in his response to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris treaty on global climate change. This is his dire forecast (courtesy of “an all-star group of political, business and academic leaders”) “Over the next 5 to 25 years, without significant adaption by farmers, some counties in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana will likely see average commodity crop losses up to 18 to 24 percent due to extreme heat each year.”

Does Alan even read the crap he writes? What adaption, short of erecting a retractable roof to keep the heat out, is possible? This is what makes the concept of man-made global warming (yes, I know the current nomenclature is climate change) so asinine! Mere man can’t change the magnificence of God’s Creation! However, if man is responsible, we farmers can make a huge difference! We eliminate tillage and the fossil fuel expended doing that tillage will significantly reduce “greenhouse” gases!

Alan postulates “…the searing scars of the dirty, hungry Dust Bowl and devastating floods in 1973 and 1993. Mankind may not have been the root cause of these disasters…” He’s right about the floods but dead wrong about the dust bowl which is the exclusive domain of man! Wide-spread tillage was the sole cause-thanks to John Deere and his steel moldboard plough! (I like the British version of plow better)

So Alan, I invite you to enjoy these next 4 years because you and the politically correct left-wing media will have ample opportunity to vent as President Trump gets us back on track after the disastrous train wreck of Obama!

Jerry Crew


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