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Letters from readers

By Staff | Aug 18, 2017

To the editor,

I’m so glad that Alan Guebert brought up rule breaking in his column, “Rules for fools,” in the August 4 Farm News.

Lets take a look at rules. Guebert says (in the same condescending manner the climate cultists “discuss” totalitarian decrees to attempt to remedy their crisis of the day) that Sam Clovis had labeled (federal) crop insurance as “unconstitutional.”

Why, the nerve of that Sam, reading and comprehending that simple document! In another blatant failure of government, few people realize that the Constitution is a book of rules, laid out in a moment of calm to restrict government infringements on our natural rights. It is something the Nazis, Soviets and Red Chinese didn’t have.

Anyone who can read the Constitution and point out Sam’s error, do it now, please.

Article One, Section 8 enumerates congress’s duties and congress is the only branch that can make laws. Amendment Ten states that all other functions of government are to be left to the states or the people.

Trump’s trillion dollar Internet service would not be constitutional, neither would Medicare or Social Security. And neither would the very office to which Donald Trump wants to appoint Sam Clovis.

The consequences of all this unconstitutional meddling are not obvious until we see that medical costs, for example, are out of control because 66% of them have no competitive restraint of a free market because of Medicare.

Farmers financing their own insurance would better direct cropping decisions, leading to cheaper food and profits earned by the most efficient farmers.

I once asked Alan Guebert if he would furnish a list of the papers who run his columns so I could reply to his opinions on a broader level. He said no.

Redistributionists like Mr. Guebert would rather ignore facts and denigrate people than civilly discuss issues where they are obviously wrong.

Fritz Groszkruger


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