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Letters from readers

By Staff | Oct 27, 2017

To the editor:

I sometimes wonder if the syndicated columnist Alan Guebert (“Taking a knee” Oct. 13 Farm News) even reads what he writes? We do know that EVERY column he writes will either blame President Trump or the conservatives in congress, but he earns extra points for blaming both for low commodity prices!

He spends half the article listing the reasons for low prices. Too much corn, cotton and soybeans which, at first glance, would suggest, to most people, Mother Nature has showered her blessings on our nation! The notion that low prices are caused by an administration only in control for 8 months is ludicrous,but people with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” ALWAYS find a reason to blame our president!

The reference to “taking a knee” is, of course, to the anti-American behavior (taking a knee during our national anthem) of spoiled rotten millionaire football players enabled by two-faced billionaire owners and the National Football League dominated by politically correct leftist radicals like Guebert! Does he really think the American farmer will “take a knee” in protest of low prices? 99 % (there’s always a few idiots) of us would NEVER consider anything showing disrespect for this “greatest nation on God’s green earth!”

Contrary to former President Obama who spent 8 years trying to force us “down to our knees,” President Trump will not!

Jerry Crew

Webb, IA

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