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By Staff | Apr 6, 2018

I don’t know exactly when it was in my life that I first heard about the birds and the bees but no one was very specific about the details. It dawned on me recently that I really didn’t know how birds do it. While they end up with eggs somehow, I knew that bird sex was occurring because of all the flocks of starlings that I have seen this month, flying together so thick they nearly shade out the sun (when there was sun). I may not be an expert on bird sex but I knew that it was happening.

No, I will let others explain Stormy Daniels. . .I am still caught up by Trump’s Russian collusion. I don’t know where, with who or what the back story is relative to Trump and Russian collusion but given the obvious way that Trump has responded to all things relative to the investigation, there is something to it. The Russians have something on him. . . something he thinks is serious enough that he is going to great lengths to prevent being revealed about his relationship with Putin and Russia. Some of it is in plain sight.

The change in the GOP convention platform reducing support for Ukraine happened despite no one stepping up to explain how it happened or who was responsible. Why did Trump reveal Mossad confidential secrets to the Russian Ambassador in the Oval Office? Why has Trump blasted his Attorney General Jeff Sessions for doing the right thing (recusal) more than he has Putin who has done horrible things over which Trump was silent?

Trump can say that there was no collusion over and over again but then why did he obsess over and obstruct the investigation into it as he has? Why not sit down with Mueller and tell it all if there is nothing there to tell? Why not reveal all instead of deflecting and generating smokescreens that will increase his legal risk of not having told the truth? The way that it appears to me is that the only rational conclusion is that the birds are there because they had sex. The only reason Trump has acted the way he has is because there is something “really big” that is not public knowledge and he wants to keep it that way. A man surrounded by non-disclosure agreements has something to hide.

He is fighting desperately to see to it that Mueller doesn’t learn what it is that is Mueller’s job to find out. Trump feels at risk, desperate for the investigation to wrap up without whatever he is secreting coming out or if it did, having discredited the messenger. I believe that there was some relationship with Russia that is damaging to Trump and that as his lieutenants go down one after the other his argument for plausible deniability weakens. The contrived Nunes House investigation into collusion which found none took some creative effort to pull off. It essentially draws the House GOP committee members and even Speaker Ryan into the realm of obstruction of justice. It will go down as a black mark in the history of Congress. I am betting that is the least of it.

Have you ever seen birds have sex? I haven’t. Even after checking it out on google I am not sure quite how to conceptualize it. Yet the fact that are so many birds is incontrovertible evidence that they do. Trump’s conduct confirms the existence of something nefarious. I will bet whatever is behind Trump’s treatment of Putin and reluctance to tag Russia for things that our intelligence services have confirmed their culpability for long ago, it is quite a story. Yes, Trump finally approved more sanctions on Russia but very late rather than never. He treated the firing of former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe recently with more aggression than he has Putin.

Sometime, somewhere, someone is going to dig it out. One would think that it would be Mueller that would do it. He should have the investigative resources to go places that Trump cannot stop him. Trump’s personal business is entirely fair game as a source of blackmail risk of a president. Trump did not expect to be president so did not expect to have to go through all that he is to keep his secrets secret. He did not give up control of his personal business because had he done so, that would give up control of the vaults with the secrets to someone else and lose his ability to protect them. Right now, he is using the formidable power of the White House to protect himself. Given the amount of crap that is public, imagine what must be buried away that is not.

Trump is guilty as heck of something serious that has impacted his intended treatment of Russia. Doesn’t that put his brand above the country? His conduct would appear motivated by personal reasons, which violates his oath to the US constitution. He has only held Putin and Russia accountable for their sins when literally forced to by events. Putin knows what Trump is hiding. I expect that Mueller has a fairly good idea of what it is if not complete clarity, but has to be able to present iron-clad proof. There is great risk of a constitutional crisis looming. There are many who hope that Trump can build his wall making Mexico pay for it, deport the immigrants and ban Muslims, kill NAFTA, KORUS and win a trade war with China along with a host of other things on the “America First” agenda before Mueller catches up to him or in spite of it.

There are many others who are hoping that Mueller gets the lead out and brings charges exposing this Manchurian president before he does irreversible damage to the country. That is what the split in the country is coming down to.

David Kruse is president of CommStock Investments Inc., author and producer of The CommStock Report, an ag commentary and market analysis available daily by radio and by subscription on DTN/FarmDayta and the Internet.

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