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Letters from readers

By Staff | Apr 20, 2018

To the editor,

The last issue of Farm News contained an article by Dr. Gene Tackle (self proclaimed expert on benefits of wind turbines) who praised wind turbines because they increased (?) yields. The title said it was a “positive” factor, but in the article the term “appears to” increase yields based on “MODELS” was used The truth is this is simply another attempt to praise the glories of wind with research that starts with a conclusion and makes up facts to fit the desired outcome!

Email exchanges with Dr. Takle confirmed he had no real data because, according to him, it would be difficult to verify yields, which is not believable with the yield monitors of today. The fact is, I suspect, yield tests were conducted showing no change or, God forbid, a yield decrease because of the stirring of CO 2 at the base of the plant! But, as one of the supposedly “97 percent of scientists who believe in man-made climate change,” he certainly could not be expected to publish research that just might blow-up the “wonder” of wind!

The most asinine part of the article was the comment planting corn and soybeans among the turbines was the equivalent of a double crop system using them as the first crop It sickens me to think of wind turbines as anything positive to do with agriculture because EVERYTHING about wind turbines is negative! Actually, I wish the comparison was true because a double crop system deals with 2 annuals who both DIE! Sadly, the reality is they (turbines) will remain a permanent blight on our once beautiful Iowa landscape.

A month ago in the Farm News Progress Agriculture edition, a lengthy article on cellulosic ethanol produced by POET in Emmetsburg glowingly lauded the progress. At the grand opening, attended by the all the”big wigs,” we were told a bunch of bare-faced lies about expected production per year at the plant. I can’t recall a specific number, but I doubt they achieved 25 percent of that goal because, among other problems, they discovered their grinders don’t do well with ROCKS!

Jerry Crew

Webb, IA

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