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Certified Angus Beef celebrates 40th anniversary

By Staff | Jun 18, 2018

From left to right, Jerry Carrico, Ruth Carrico, Klayton Bremer, Kassidy Bremer and Jennifer Carrico gather in front of their family’s barn during the logo painting process.



REDFIELD – A barn that has presumably been around since the late 1800s got some new paint last week, but it wasn’t the kind that covered all four sides of the barn; it came in the form of a picture.

The Carrico family barn, near Redfield, will now be donning the Certified Angus Beef brand logo.

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Certified Angus Beef brand, 40 barns across America will have the logo painted on them.

Matt Shoup, manager of culinary brand loyalty for Certified Angus Beef, said the organization is celebrating its 40th anniversary by going back to the grassroots of where it all started with the Certified Angus Beef brand.

“The Angus ranchers truly own that brand,” said Shoup. “This is also a tribute to the grassroots of marketing. This has been a really cool opportunity to have our logo on the barns, but also to celebrate and provide our licensed partners and community members to sit across the table and have fellowship with the Angus producers that provide a product, that quality, for Certified Angus Beef.”

Troy Freeman, of Springfield, Illinois, has painted the last 12 logos since the initiative started.

“He does a great job of obviously portraying our logo on the different canvases across the country,” said Shoup.

The Carrico family barn is No. 15 of the 40 the barns that will receive the logo. Shoup said the process will be completed on the brand’s actual anniversary, which is Oct. 18.

“The final strokes will be completed on that day in Ohio,” he said. “We are going to take it back home to the headquarters of the Certified Angus Beef for the celebration.”

In the meantime, Shoup said they are enjoying the trip across America and a visit to Iowa.

“Iowa, No. 1, is just beautiful,” he said. “It’s been a great day. Truly the Carrico family is one that their story is obviously a reason why we selected their barn. Their barn is beautiful, but truly their dedication to the Angus breed they have is huge.”

“Their Heritage Farm anniversary is coming up in the next few years, so the story behind it speaks for itself,” Shoup added. “Obviously they are known for the quality Angus cattle they produce every day as well.”

The barn

The Carrico barn was presumably built in the late 1800s. Jerry Carrico’s great-grandparents purchased the farm in Dallas County in 1871.

He and his wife, Ruth, said they were both excited to have the Certified Angus Beef brand logo put onto their barn.

Their daughter, Jennifer Carrico, nominated her family’s barn.

“This is really exciting,” said Jerry Carrico. “I didn’t know anything about this until Jennifer applied for it and we found out we were chosen. If you are an Angus breeder, you know about Certified Angus Beef and you now they have done a lot for the Angus breed.”

Jennifer Carrico said she wanted to apply for their barn to receive the Certified Angus Beef brand logo as a way to help celebrate her family’s Angus cattle herd as well as the Angus breed.

“Angus has been a part of my whole life,” she said. “Angus cattle have been here as long as I can remember and this is kind of a way to show the importance of that breed.”

The family has had a registered Angus herd on their property for 70 years.

Jerry and Ruth Carrico are retired and, currently, Jennifer Carrico and her children, Kassidy and Klayton Bremer, raise their own Angus cattle and continue a ranching heritage that has served the beef community well.

The Carrico family has always used their barn for livestock from horses, milk cows, pigs and now their Angus herd.

They said they are excited to be able to display the Certified Angus Beef brand logo.

“This is an extreme honor,” said Jerry Carrico. “It’s really exciting. I wasn’t sure about it, but when it got going and when they started showing up and when I saw it was going to happen it was one of the most exciting things we have had one here.”

Carrico added he is anxious to see what people have to say when they drive up the road.

“Well, hopefully they keep their eyes on the road,” he said, adding he encourages passersby to pull over and take a look.

“We’re delighted they are here and they have treated us so well,” Ruth Carrico said. “It’s been wonderful.”

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