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Letters from readers

By Staff | Jul 16, 2018

To the editor:

As a retired farmer i have watched farmers use their labor and mental skills, employ updated or new technologies plant their crops and repeat those actions at harvest time. Through those years farmers have produced bountiful crops with the help of Mother Nature, good soils and some good luck. There have been good and bad seasons but the resiliency of farmers continues despite ups and downs in the weather and markets.

Through all those years of observation even my days of farming i have been both frustrated and angry that the market place hasn’t rewarded or reflected the human sacrifice(labor and mental skills, the costs of new technologies, the hidden costs of our air, water and land, and family farm living expenses).

In all actuality we have been giving away or under pricing all the economic activity in the U.S agriculture sector. The under pricing began in 1953 when Congress dismantled and deregulated Roosevelt’s New Deal program (price supports and supply management) for neo-liberalism or free trade marketeerism (fence row to fence row farming, winked at monopolization and adopted the economic philosophy of selling grains cheap in order to capture more markets).

Since 1953 farmers have lost trillions at the farm gate, county, state and national governments have lost trillions in lost revenues because the multiplier or trade turn has been operating at about 30 percent of par and the U.S. has lost trillions of trade dollars causing massive trade imbalances.

The cheap grain philosophy has failed miserably forcing millions of U.S. farm families off the land and destroying foreign markets causing human migration into cities and into other lands.

Farmers have been caught in a cost price squeeze since 1953. Farmers need a just price which reflects true costs of production plus family living expenses in other words FARMERS NEED PARITY. They need supply management with no more dumping of cheap grains onto the worlds markets and we need to implement A grain reserve.

Larry Ginter


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