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Letters from readers

By Staff | Jul 20, 2018

To the editor:

The June 29 Farm News Opinion section was dominated by Frick and Frack (better known as Alan Guebert and David Kruse) who are well-known Trump Haters (“TH”). I don’t know the political persuasion of the editorial board of FN, but I do know the large majority of readers are NOT “TH,” and my advice (not worth much) is NEVER again put both columnists on the same page! A first time reader’s reaction would be, unless a fellow “TH”, FN is just another “liberal” rag!

Am I concerned that the president’s trade policy might negatively farm exports? Absolutely! But, contrary to the “TH,” I’m willing to wait until the dust settles because, as farmers, we make up less than 1 percent of our population, and, President Trump is president of ALL. President Trump was elected because he said he would “make America great” and promised a 180 from Obama whose unstated slogan could well have been-“make America mediocre!”

The visceral hatred of President Trump, exhibited by guys like Kruse and Guebert, renders them incapable of rational discourse and unable to maintain the slightest hint of objectivity, My advice (remember not worth much) would be to bench both for the remainder of the Trump presidency, or, at the very least, put their columns on the back page!

Jerry Crew

Webb, IA

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