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Letters from readers

By Staff | Nov 2, 2018

To the editor:

For the last 15 months, J.D. Scholten has traveled across the 39 counties of Iowa’s 4th Congressional District seeking to replace Steve King as U.S. Representative. Talking with countless individuals, small and large groups, farmers, factory owners and employees, service workers and others, Scholten knows first hand their perception of life and earning ability.

Production agriculture here is concentrated in corn and soybeans, pork and beef, eggs, dairy. None of these is prospering currently because of over-production, and the recent tariffs put in doubt future markets. Farmers are afflicted by a cost-price squeeze while manufacturing costs are rising because of the tariffs. A living wage is an issue in parts of the area; in others the problem is scarcity of farm labor. Climate change is and will continue to affect production. The need to clean up our air and water remains a concern. Monopolies in ag supplies and finance are a growing problem. Better opportunities elsewhere take our high school and college graduates.

Scholten has a clear eyed view of the district’s people and enterprise and wants to promote growth by introducing technology jobs to enable more sound production and conservation methods and to keep our tech graduates. He will work to create better systems of farm production that balance soil health and economic health on the farm. He sees the need of affordable and accessible health care, the stability of our medical clinics and hospitals.

Scholten’s ability to listen to people, his direct communication and his honesty will help him bring groups together to foster positive change in the district. The incumbent is ever more enthralled by hate groups, white power leaders and other divisive elements and less diligent about the changing bread and butter needs in western and northern Iowa. Unlike Scholten, he fails to meet up with all his constituents, meeting instead only with his solid base. It’s time for a true representative for the 4th District.

Vote for J.D. Scholten for 4th District U.S. Representative November 6 for a brighter tomorrow!

Jane Alexander


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