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Letters from Readers

By Staff | Feb 4, 2019

To the editor:

In the Jan. 25th edition of Farm News David Kruse featured his thoughts on the now much disgraced Ia. Congressman Steve King. The informational article hit me hardest when David said he had friends, ” plural, ” who told him they still voted for King because they didn’t want to vote for a Democrat.

I personally would NOT brag about that. It clearly shows exactly what is wrong with this country. Party over All Else.

I’m sure there are voters on the other side that do the same, but until we All , from Washington to the farms in Iowa, stop playing this Democrat, Republican game we can never expect to rid this Great Nation of the deviciveness, back biting, get even, non- cooperative atmosphere that is splitting America in two.

In my lifetime I have voted Republican, Democrat and even Independent in an effort to get political leadership that is best for me and my Country.

David’s friends and the like seem to care less? That’s a shame, WE ALL LOSE !

Don Wagner

Bode, IA

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