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Letters from Readers

By Staff | Mar 15, 2019

To the editor:

In response to Larry Ginter’s letter in the February 22 paper, I have some personal understandings and some facts that completely obliterate his rambling thoughts. One observation is that he has a deep concern for human rights. I applaud that, but I wonder, is the murder of an unborn human baby (by another human) a right or a violation or that baby’s right to life. From the moment of conception there is a unique DNA formed that is the basis of life in that unborn human baby. The first thing that DNA does is send a message to the mother’s body to not destroy it. Don’t try to tell anyone otherwise, science proves you wrong! In fact, for me, this is the number one, basic truth that a person has to understand. Life starts at conception. If a person, or a political party, can’t get the number one most important thing right, why should I believe they have the ability to correctly understand any other issue? Don’t tell me a mother has the right to murder a baby by abortion or any other means and then call it a human right. We are now faced with the fact that most democrats in congress don’t even think that an aborted baby born alive should be kept alive! This is a culture of death, and Mr. Ginter calls it a human right. Mr. Ginter and many others in our nation have this understanding completely wrong.

W. Bruce Walrod


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