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Letters from Readers

By Staff | Jun 3, 2019

To the editor:

Ever since Senator Bernie Sanders laid out his farm policy proposals (parity price floors, supply management, and establishing a grain reserve) agriculture economists from all over the country have been critical even poking fun.

Upon reading their comments it is obvious their agriculture positions are based on lies and are simpleton apologist for the crimes of economic theft against the lively hoods of family farmers in the U. S and around the world.

As someone who lived through but was too young to understand the common sense economics of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal parity price floor on grains upon reflection I witnessed great economic stability both on the farms and in rural communities like my hometown Rhodes.

Further reflection and after serving in the U. S. army and returning to the farm and begun my life getting involved and fighting for economic justice for farmers and workers i expanded my knowledge on the astounding historical achievements that Roosevelt’s New Deal provided for both rural and urban America. I also began to read about the historical crimes of laissez-faire (deregulation) economics.

Today after 66 years ago when laissez-faire thought corrupted the minds of men and began to undermine the sound logic of Parity price floors, farmers are once again suffering from the crimes and economic insanity of deregulation.

However it is not only farmers who are suffering from deregulation it is nature itself which has taken astounding blows (loss of forest habitat and the genocide of vital plant and animal species plus oceanic destruction).

I truly believe the biggest crime of laissez-faire economics is it Satanic nature of alienating humans from the land. It’s total disregard and disrespect for nature and the connection of humans to nature. Even it’s systematic removal of farm animals to giant confined feeding operations undermines the life force of nature inherent in animal species.

So as a supporter of Bernie Sanders and a believer in historical evidence (parity price floors on grains) that provided economic stability, I am up for the challenge because those agriculture economist who defend Laissez-faire are mere lapdogs for human misbehavior and economic thievery.

Larry Ginter


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