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True war heroes

By Staff | Jun 28, 2019

I went on ebay.com and bought a new USS John McCain baseball cap. I plan to wear it to honor John McCain who was a naval pilot shot down in Vietnam, captured there as a POW, who is a war hero, later becoming a profile in courage as a U.S. Senator.

The USS John McCain is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer currently serving with the U.S. 7th Fleet based out of Yokosuka, Japan. The White House issued a request to the U.S. Navy to hide the USS John McCain while the President was in Japan with a tarp reportedly draped over the ship’s name and the crew restricted from activities there during the president’s visit. Donald J. Trump (DJT) said that while he did not personally order this that he understood the good intentions of the White House toward him in making the request.

President Trump said that being captured is not his kind of war hero and he makes McCain out to be a villain for his vote not to end Obamacare because the GOP had lied about having a replacement. McCain always put honor and country first, something DJT would never understand. The president’s treatment of McCain and his legacy is despicable and he does not deserve the honor of ever having a ship in the US. .Navy named after him.

The White House request to hide the USS John McCain from Trump’s sight was done in order to protect the president’s ego. He is small and they have to get small to please him. I have explained plausible deniability before. As it applies to this president, he gets people to do things for him that are despicable or even illegal without specifically ordering them to do it. He makes it clear what he wants done and those who wish to curry his favor know what to do without being specifically instructed to do it. While that applies to this instance with the USS John McCain, it also applies to his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, negotiating a deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow that he lied for the president to cover, and his campaign staff engaging in collusion with the Russians in the 2016 campaign while being able to claim that he did not personally collude. Trump knows how to communicate what he wants done so that others will act in his behalf without being directly connected to it himself by use of plausible deniability. It worked even with Robert Mueller.

My family has had military service going back to the Civil War. I had four great uncles who served in the Union Army. One served with the 88th IL infantry which was called the ‘Board of Trade’ regiment having been raised in Chicago. The other three served in the 77th IL infantry with Grant at Vicksburg. Two were wounded, one losing an eye and another an arm. In going through family albums, I found a relative in a WWI military uniform. My grandfather served in the US Navy during WW II as an electronics technician, wiring B-24 bombers. He is buried in a military cemetery in Springfield MO. I have an uncle that drove a bulldozer in the Army in the Korean War. I had another uncle who served 28 years in the USAF with a tour at Tan Son Nhut airbase in Saigon and was the highest-ranking NCO on Guam during the height of the B-52 runs during the Vietnam War. He is buried in a military cemetery near Denver CO.

While we will have a formal announcement coming soon, we have arranged for former Army soldier and Afghanistan war Medal of Honor winner, Clint Romesha from ND, to be our featured speaker in September at the Clay County Fair regional event that we sponsor…that you will be invited to. My father served in the U.S. Army in a heavy weapons platoon in Germany in 1952, the year that I was born. He told me that their job was to slow the Russian Army down “as speed bumps” if it attempted to come through the Fulda gap in invading Western Europe.

I have the telegram that my uncle, who was serving in the USAF, sent my dad in Germany telling him that he had a son. My father did not see me until I was a year old after returning from overseas duty. By coincidence, Clint Romesha and my father both served in the 4th Infantry Division which has a very proud legacy of service to this nation. Our family service ends there.

I drew #306 in the Vietnam draft lottery. I told my son that if he did not serve that it was our responsibility to honor those that did on behalf of us and our country. Specifically, my words to him were, “Somebody has to do the killing when necessary to defend this country and if we personally are not going to do it, we have to have extreme respect and honor for those that do on our behalf.”

To see the president, who did not serve, with no one in his family ever having served, with a family history of avoiding military service while accumulating the benefits of this country, I find his denigration of Senator John McCain to be grossly hypocritical and despicable. Evidently his base doesn’t agree with me enough to rebuke him. His White House did ask the U.S. Navy to hide the John McCain, a request that they have acknowledged receiving and are investigating. This was an attempt by the White House to politicize the US Military as they are attempting to do with all other U.S. institutions as they attempt to replace patriotism for the country with a cult of loyalty to Trump personality. When the nation cannot tell the difference between a fake commander-in-chief and a true war hero we are truly lost.

David Kruse is president of CommStock Investments Inc., author and producer of The CommStock Report, an ag commentary and market analysis available daily by radio and by subscription on DTN/FarmDayta and the Internet.

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