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Questions of spring planting 2019

By Staff | Jul 16, 2019

A person didn’t have to wander far from the farm this past spring to overhear conversations about wetness.

And I’m not talking about the kind you spray away or even the kind of wetness you have to change out of.

I’m talking about the wet conditions for planting that we all got to enjoy this past spring. Many have compared it to the spring of 2018, and when that year left us we all felt the pure joy of kicking it in the backside and telling it not to let the door hit it in the fanny on its way out.

And now it’s back. Like long-lost relatives at the reading of the will.

While there were many statements made about the fire hose that would not shut off as well as the overall demeanor of Mother Nature as she went about her business, I heard many questions during this spring hand-to-hand combat with her as farmers worked so tirelessly to plant their year’s income. Here are a few:

“How much rain did you get?”

“Let’s see where did we put that snorkel gear?”

“Do you suppose the boat could pull the planter?”

“Should I plant an earlier corn/bean?”

“How much rain did you get?”

“What’s the forecast for tomorrow?”

“Did you get started planting yet?”

“How much did you get planted?”

“Can you run to get a part?”

“How much rain did you get?”

“Can you come and pull me out?”

“When you come with supper, can you bring a log chain with you?” (Disclaimer: this question may or may not implicate me and my ability to cook a meal that requires the use of a log chain.)

“Are the beans too big for the roller?”

“Can you watch the water tank fill?”

“Did you remember to put a life jacket in the tractor?”

“I wonder how soon we’ll need to start cutting hay?”

“How much rain did you get?”

“Are you taking Preventive Planting on any of your acres?”

“I wonder how long these tariffs are going to go on?”

“Did you see the corn market today?”

“How much rain did you get?”

“Is that field dry enough to work the ground?”

“Did you see So-and-Such’s field?”

“Do you think we can plant there yet?”

“Is there water in the basement?”

“Can you bring the sump pump hose out?”

“Can you pack a lunch and a supper? I’m going to plant until it rains, and I don’t want to stop to eat.”

“How much rain did you get?”

“Hail? What the..?”

“How much rain did you get?”

“Is the rice paddy ready to plant yet?”

“What the hell is going on with these markets today?”

“See where I had to plant all crooked there to avoid the wet holes?”

“Can you take some seed back?”

“Won’t harvest be interesting this year based on some of these planter lines?”

“How much rain did you get?”

“Can you make sure to get some whiskey today? Please?”

Karen Schwaller is a Farm News correspondent from Milford. Reach her by e-mail at kschwaller@evertek.net and www.karenschwaller.com.

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