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Letters from Readers

By Staff | Sep 13, 2019

To the editor:

I wonder how much true research FN used for their editorial “There’s power in the wind”? It is merely a recitation of the propaganda from the wind industry and their powerful lobbyists at state and national levels.

The opening sentence last four words “with few environmental downsides” is patently untrue! Have you heard of a Life Cycle Cost Analysis? There have been many conducted on wind turbines and, unless the researcher has vested interest in wind power, all have shown MORE fossil fuel is expended over the lifetime of the turbine than will EVER be recovered if ALL costs including the cost of keeping the fossil fuel generators on standby because once the wind quits, so does the electricity! It can’t be stored up and used when the wind stops.

Senator Ernst and Grassley have repeatedly assured me the wind subsidies will expire in 2020 as scheduled. BUT, we’ve been down this path before. They were to expire in 2015, but thanks to Chuck who personally, with some assistance from newly elected Joni, got them extended.

It’s quite ironic that Grassley who is, or was at one time, a champion of exposing government waste encouraging “whistle blowers” and Joni, with her “make em squeal” campaign, may be responsible for the biggest waste of taxpayer money in history – wind subsidies!

Everyone agrees wind will never compete in a free energy market w/o massive subsidies, but many, including our two senators, believe the economic benefits to the state right now outweigh such mundane matters as increased pollution (burning more fossil fuel than can be recovered) and increased cost of electricity to Iowans. In fact, Alliant announced the increased cost of electricity is simply because they’re using more wind!

Wind turbines are the perfect example of greed! Greed of our 2 senators who want more of our tax dollars spent in Iowa, Greed of the companies erecting these unwanted intrusions in our backyards. Greed of landowners (most do NOT live anywhere near the turbines) looking only at the $10,000/turbine yearly payment with zero regard for we who have to live near these annoying, at best, and dangerous black marks on the pristine view of Iowa’s landscape. And, finally, the local county supervisors who can only see the $ signs of increased tax revenue which might be somewhat palatable IF they lowered our taxes, but – don’t hold your breath!

I am offended FN simply followed the lead of the mainstream media and, in essence, merely performed as “bobble headed” dolls echoing the drivel of the “new green deal” calling for elimination of fossil fuels replaced by “renewable s” by 2032, And quite frankly, I expected more than this white-wash of wind!

Jerry Crew


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