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Leibold, Ladlie and Mussman to speak at Farm News Ag Show

By Staff | Nov 20, 2019

How will you be impacted by the 2018 Farm Bill?



Kelvin Leibold, farm and ag businesses management specialist at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, will provide an overview of the 2018 Farm Bill at the Farm News Ag Show on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 11 a.m.

Leibold said the program will also include information on specific areas that impact area farmers.

“In particular, we will look at the factors in the decision making process for farmland owners and operators as they decide on which one of the three commodity programs they want to enroll in for 2019 and 2020,” he said. “We will review the program rules and the deadlines for signing up. Landowners will again have a one-time option to update yields that impact PLC (Price Loss Coverage) payments.”

Leibold said he will provide an update on changes to crop insurance and producers will also have the opportunity to learn how another risk management tool, Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) ,is available to those signing up for PLC.

SCO is a county based crop insurance rider.

Leibold will also discuss other small changes to the program and provide additional resources that are available to make, what can be, complicated decisions.

“With profit margins being so small, producers need to look for every opportunity to increase revenue and manage risks,” he said.

Kelvin Leibold

Leibold has 32 years of experience with ISU Extension. His areas of expertise include farm management, farmland and building leasing, global agriculture, land values, farm machinery management, estate planning, intergenerational transfer and beginning farmers.

He is a member of the ANNIES PROJECT national leadership team, and has observed agriculture in Australia, Brazil, China, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Paraguay, Russia, South Africa, Thailand and Western Europe. This included setting up a pork genetics project in Nigeria and ongoing work with Agri-Benchmark from Germany.

Leibold has presented at the AGRITECHNICA machinery show in Germany as well as many of the countries he has traveled to. He earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in agricultural education from Iowa State University in Ames.

His website is: www.extension.iastate.edu/ag/farm-management-kelvin-leibold

Leibold’s presentation is sponsored by Sunderman Farm Management Company of Fort Dodge.

Managing manure issues



Jim Ladlie, president of ProfitPro LLC, will be presenting tips on managing manure issues at the Farm News Ag Show on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 2 p.m.

“The importance of the subject is to make stakeholders aware of how to properly manage liquid manure, address issues, social and environmental, enhance its value and agronomic benefits,” he said.

Ladlie feels anyone associated with livestock manure such as livestock producers, vertical integrators, crop producers utilizing manure and custom manure applicators can benefit from attending.

According to information provided by Ladlie, it’s no secret that proper management, through the use of biological manure treatments referred to as bioaugmentation, resolves issues, improves value and reduces handling cost.

The concept of bioaugmentation is to enhance biomass performance by assisting the indigenous microorganism in the combined capability to breakdown and remove a greater range of organic matter and at a faster rate.

Bioaugmented manure is manure that has been processed and converted from an odorous undigested manure into an enzyme- stimulated microbial plant food that is more liquefied and a more organic form that is biologically available for crops.

Simply add these powerful digestive microbes at pump-out and periodically throughout the year. The microbial culture blends not only reduce odors and fly populations at the site, but also liquefies the manure-another benefit that requires less agitation, time and cost.

Additionally, the reduced salt levels and valuable nutrients are retained in the manure, which impacts the environment via air and water quality as well as enhanced soil health.

James S. Ladlie

Ladlie is founder and president of ProfitPro LLC.

He has dedicated his life’s work to developing a renewable farming system that will support and keep family farms functional and profitable while producing healthy crops and animals.

With a doctorate degree in crop science from Michigan State University and more than 40 years in the agriculture industry, Ladlie’s foresight, research, knowledge and creative solutions have led to a proven crop management system that produces healthy crops and animals and manages risks while maximizing profits. His program, the Full-Circle Animal, Manure and Soil-Plant System, teaches balance in all facets for improved animal performance, manure remediation, crop performance and enhanced feed quality.

Utilizing these proven principles of crop and animal production has allowed his customers to achieve healthy, nutritionally-balanced crops for both humans and animals.

He encourages growers and livestock producers to step outside of their comfort zone and discover alternative ways of farming for profit, health and enjoyment.

Ladlie’s presentation is sponsored by ProfitPro, LLC.

Visit ProfitPro, LLC at the Farm News Ag Show in booth 81 where they wil be giving away a $500 coupon, each day during the show, towards manure treatment products.

Same Market, Different View



Paul Mussman, president of AgWest Commodities, will be presenting an ag market overview at the Farm News Ag Show on Thursday, Dec. 5 at 11 a.m.

Mussman said his presentation, “Same Market, Different View,” will provide current fundamentals and technicals that will provide a reference for current markets as well as some steps on what can be done with that information and more.

“Lastly, I will bring out the big guns with market tools for these types of markets,” he said.

Whether you are a producer, an ag-lender or a part of the agribusiness sector, Mussman said there is a learning opportunity in his presentation.

“It’s for folks that are concerned about the current market, not only the producer, but the individuals that are also servicing producers primarily lenders and other sales folks that are involved in agriculture as well,” he said. “Agribusinesses, I feel, have a strong interest in current markets. We had a $1 range in the corn market this year and for an average producer that is $150,000 a year. I would think those individuals that are working with farmers will have a very interested concern in marketing for 2020 and the remainder of ’19.”

However, those that can directly benefit from sitting in on Mussman’s speech are the producer.

“That is who we are working with. We don’t work with commercial elevators, ethanol plants. We only work with individual growers. Those are the ones that apply it,” he said.

Why is “Same Market, Different View” such an important subject?

“Most of us in ag, in all of ag, maybe even all of our country right now, are pretty disappointed where prices are with the lack of profit potential that was available in ’16, ’17, ’18 and 2019 and potentially the lack of profit potential for the years to come,” said Mussman. “Growing more bushels has helped, but I think why this needs discussed, although we keep advancing on technology and farming and innovation to produce more, we’re only adding to the problem in some regard. I think why it’s important and why it needs discussed is the marketing piece has a big divider in those that have been successful and those who have not. Working harder has not produced better marketing results. That’s the unfortunate thing. We’ve got to do something different on the marketing side to help that profit potential.”

Mussman feels producers really need to do something different on the marketing side of their operations to help with that profit potential to consider marketing as important as an input as any agronomy product.

“On a particular operation, it might be a 40, 50 or 60 cent difference for a guy doing something versus a guy doing nothing,” he said. “If you do 60 cents on 200 bushel Iowa corn that is $120 an acre. If I told him this would help his operation $120 an acre, he would buy up anything. It is crazy it (marketing) is not look at in the same regard. If there was an agronomy product, a harvest or planting technique, that would add $120 an acre, there would be no question.”

Paul Mussman

AgWest president Paul Mussman lives and breathes the ag commodity markets. Over the last 15 years, Mussman has gained a solid understanding of the risk management industry and the importance of hedging for today’s ag producer. He was raised on a family farm and ranch where he witnessed firsthand the importance of having a plan and setting expectations for a successful season.

Mussman graduated from Fort Hays State University with an ag business degree and also has an extensive military record, serving in the Army for 15 years, including deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Qatar.

He resides in Crete, Nebraska, with his wife and their three children. Outside of AgWest, Mussman enjoys getting his hands dirty back on the family farm where he can exercise his passion for production agriculture and, of course, marketing.

AgWest Commodities assists nearly 2,500 grain and livestock producers across the Western Corn Belt in managing their commodity price risk through structured plans based on profitability and discipline, recognizing that protecting (not predicting) prices is what’s important in today’s volatile marketplace.

AgWest recognizes that while farmers are good at growing a crop, many struggle with selling it. Whether they need help creating a marketing plan and executing the actual sale, navigating the many tools available to manage risk or managing the stress that comes with it all, the AgWest team serves as a “Marketing Partner” for producers. Specializing in agricultural price risk management and customized marketing plans for 20 years, AgWest serves producers from Humboldt and Adel, Iowa and eight other offices across the Midwest.

Mussman’s presentation is sponsored by AgWest.

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