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Did the Iowa caucuses make Iowa red?

By Staff | Feb 27, 2020

You have heard criticism that the Dems were trying to overturn the votes of 63 million who elected Trump in the last election via impeachment. I don’t think that the GOP controlled Senate will let that happen however they seem to have missed the fact that the votes of 63 million overturned the votes of 66 million in 2016. Donald J. Trump (DJT) lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and only won by the skin of his teeth with 80,000 votes in three states via the Electoral College. The big surprise was not a landslide but that he could win by so little. If you believe the Mueller report and the U.S. intelligence agencies about the degree of Russian meddling it doesn’t take a very long reach to believe that they turned the election in Trump’s favor. That is why he is so sensitive to it and why he berated our intelligences services as anti-Trumpers.

It rubs a lot of people very wrong that democrats are losing presidential elections in the Electoral College while winning the majority of the popular vote. Republicans need to be careful about how they describe their “majority” as it was not a majority in the full sense of the total American electorate. DJT tried to pawn his loss in the popular vote off on illegal voting but no one buys that. He set people to work trying to confirm his charges of election fraud and they couldn’t. The founders set things up by state and those in rural states should be darn thankful that they did. All states get two U.S. senators so are equal in that body however states like Wyoming and South Dakota only have one U.S. Representative in the House determined by their small populations. If the popular vote decided elections, the president would be determined by New York and California and the Midwest would be almost written out of the election process entirely. As much as this president makes me uncomfortable, I am not willing to disenfranchise myself, my state, my region, my industry to an urban electorate that does not have our interests in mind or at heart. Rural America would become virtually persona-non-grata US citizens without the Electoral College.

As far as rural versus urban, the Senate and Electoral College were set up to protect the rural constituencies or otherwise frankly, we would be irrelevant. It was pretty easy to see from the democratic contest for their presidential nomination here in Iowa how detached that the urban candidates are to the rural culture, issues and interests. When a New Jersey Senator like Cory Booker comes to Iowa and campaigns on a government buyout of large livestock operations, CAFOs, it was obvious that he has no clue of the importance of livestock/meat processing to economy of the state. Iowa lives off its livestock industries and the Dems ideas that somehow, we can restructure livestock production to foodie/organic idealistic operations replacing the economic heft of the existing industries is ludicrous. Commercial livestock production supports and sustains Midwest ag processing for consumers benefiting food costs. Grain farmers grow corn and soybeans that are crushed for ethanol with the DDG byproduct going back into feed rations as well as consume soymeal from soybeans. There are truckers, elevators, feed mills, the livestock operations themselves, veterinary services, livestock processing plants and meat processing along with an enormous cornucopia of other support service industries that together make up the circle of life for Midwest Ag. Disparaging livestock production as corporate or factory farming just shows how ignorant these urban democrats are. They think that they know how to farmhow much Nitrogen fertilizer to apply, that GMO products should be labeled to make them appear harmful and have no clue how ag productivity has reduced industry GHG generation relative to food production. Given the political clout to do things their way they would destroy modern agriculture in a throwback to the 1950s. I don’t believe that Democratic candidates have ever set foot on a CAFO to be able to speak from any authority so that they have a clue what they are talking about. I believe that the day after the Iowa caucuses the Dems need not bother coming back to Iowa as they have ruined their political prospects here in the general election as rural areas have been able to see that they constitute a threat to us. The Iowa caucuses will have made this state redder in the general election.

Rural America will need to protect the balance of power provided them by the U.S. constitution as the electoral college is under attack by those who want everything decided by a general popular election. There was a well written article recently charging that cows were better represented proportionately in Congress than people were. The U.S. Senate is currently controlled 53 percent republican to 47 percent democrat under the two seats per state apportionment. They point out that with the current makeup, if it were instead distributed by state population it would flip 48 percent to 52 percent. The author then analyzed the proportion of Senate seats per density of cow’s per person in the states and Wyoming comes in first and California last. Hence their conclusion that cows are better represented in Washington that people are. I think that the cows have more sense. The 20 states with only 33.5 million people are far better represented per capita than the remaining 30 states with 293 million people. If not for the Constitution we would be getting outvoted 8.75 to 1. It is very much in our interest, even for our survival to keep it the way it is.

David Kruse is president of CommStock Investments Inc., author and producer of The CommStock Report, an ag commentary and market analysis available daily by radio and by subscription on DTN/FarmDayta and the Internet.

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