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Jet Company is on the move

By Staff | Feb 27, 2020

-Farm News photos by Kriss Nelson Jet Company has several trailer offerings including their grain hopper, shown above, and their side dump trailer, below.



HUMBOLDT -The timeline depicting the history of Jet Company is a long one dating back to 1952 up to now where they have developed into a leader in the transportation industry with their trailer offerings.

Scott Heider, who is part of the family ownership of Jet Company said it all started with the development of fencing equipment and other products related to agriculture at the time.

“From there it took off,” said Heider. “We have been around for several years. We’re very proud of our past. We are very excited about what we offer to our customers today and are looking forward towards the future.”

Jet Company remained on the farm near Gilmore City where the first Jet Wire Roller was developed after a devastating hail storm in 1956; a post driver which was offered through Sears & Roebuck Catalog, Montgomery Ward, Wheelers & Tractor Supply, in 1958, before the company was forced to move to a larger location in 1964.

That move in 1964 was the last one for Jet Company as they remain in the same location today.

“At that time we were looking to expand and this was just a hay field,” said Heider. “The community of Humboldt developed an industrial park and we were one of the first facilities here and we have grown from there. The need to move here was because of those smaller products at the time, there was good demand. And we still have a good following and demand for our products.”

Currently, Heider said Jet Company is made up of the equivalent of seven football fields, all under roof, dedicated to the manufacturing of their trailers.

Currently, Jet Company manufactures semi-trailers related to the transportation industry.

“We are involved in agriculture with our grain hopper trailer; over the road with our flatbed and drop deck trailers; in construction with our side dumps and detachable gooseneck and also drop deck trailers,” he said. “At Jet Company, we really do serve a wide variety of customers and a wide variety of applications.”

Heider said Jet Company was pleased to announce three new models in 2019, which included a new side dump trailer, a new detachable trailer and a new aluminum grain hopper.

According to Jet Company, this aluminum grain hopper trailer has been designed, engineered, and built for today’s loads. Jet’s aluminum trailer now features a Double-Wall Smooth Side design minimizing rivets, exterior ribs, and corrugations in the sidewall to form a sleek and aerodynamic design.

Engineered for both farm and highway usage, Jet Company’s Aluminum Grain Trailer is light weight and stronger than ever. Jet Company has incorporated many standard features to this design that add value and make the job easier for the end user. Jet’s patented hopper door is built with self cleaning rollers making this the easiest opening grain door in the industry. High clearance door cranks are designed to minimize straining and bending when opening the door. Their high gloss powder coat paint is applied to provide a long lasting durable exterior finish that is more resistant to chipping, scratching, fade and wear. Many standard trailer lengths and side wall heights are available to fit all operations and hauling requirements.

“With our grain hoppers, we have a lot of features that are exclusive to Jet Company,” said Heider.

Growing up, Heider said his family was involved in farming and they have used and developed products based on their own needs and used their products firsthand.

“By using the products, we were able to generate ideas to make it easier on ourselves,” he said.

Heider said at Jet Company, they design the products in order to make it easer on the end users their customers.

“A lot of customers really enjoy using our products,” he said. “Just like our customers, our trailers work hard. They last a long time. They have a lot of good features that make their job easier at the end of the day.”

Introducing three new products in 2019 was no easy task.

“We did a lot of hard work to come out with them,” he said. “It laid the foundation of starting 2020 moving forward. Now we have these new models to market, sell and build here. We have some good challenges.”

What can customers of Jet Company expect in 2020?

“We are always looking to make things better and that is an on-going process,” he said. “There are a lot of small changes we are always doing and this year will be no different.”

Heider said they listen to their customers and they work to keep up with trends.

“We have a great customer base and they are asking for different features. The transportation industry is always evolving and changing and we have to keep up with it and we are trying to do that,” he said.


Heider said the location of Humboldt serves them well.

“Being located in Humboldt, being here in Iowa it’s America’s heartland. We grow a lot of corn and soybeans; there’s a lot of ag related products and with that, we recognize the need to transport a lot of the products grown here in the state of Iowa and surrounding states.”

Heider said it is very humbling to think about someone located thousands of miles away from Humboldt would even consider using one Jet Company’s products for their operation.

“When you think about it, there are a lot of materials that get shipped into Humboldt,” he said. “We have a factory and we put together all of the components and at the end of the day, we produce a trailer that someone purchases to help their operation make money and we are proud of that.”

As the city of Humboldt expands, Heider said they are getting some new neighbors.

“Luckily Humboldt has been expanding the last couple of years,” he said. “We have great neighbors around us. We are lucky to be here in town.”

How is a Humboldt, Iowa company able to serve the entire United States and overseas?

“Our dealerships help us to reach out,” said Heider. “We are very lucky to have the network we have and of course the customer base they have generated and it was worked very well for us.”

Customers will oftentimes come to Humboldt to pick up their trailer.

“This gives us a chance to shake their hands,” he said. “It’s fun to see what they think of Humboldt, our facility and how they will use our products when they get it back home.”

The future of Jet Company

Heider believes Jet Company will only be growing and making a larger footprint upon the transportation industry.

“As part of the family operation, I’m actually the third generation that has come back here we definitely have a vested interested to continue to grow the company,” he said. “Our goal is to continue to serve the transportation industry and continue to grow the business.”

None of this growth, would be possible, Heider feels without their employees.

“The old saying is it’s what’s on the inside that counts and we are very lucky our employees are what’s on the inside building these trailers,” he said. “We plan to continue to work with our current employees and continue to grow our market and that’s our existing goals here. We have some of the best employees we can ask for. A lot of folks have been with us for a long time.”

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