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Letters from Readers

By Staff | Mar 6, 2020

To the editor,

The Zesch family should not be shocked to learn that the city of Laurel wants to steal their land for a lagoon (Valentine’s Day 2020 Farm News). That is what eminent domain always is.

The famous Kelo decision, where the City of New London stole Susette Kelo’s house in Connecticut shows that a free market of voluntary transactions is a better determinant of business than government force. The land is now a vacant lot and Susette Kelo is without her house. Two parties, acting in their own self interest have more at stake than a government hired as hit-man.

Government in the U.S. has evolved from a tool to protect our rights to a tool of thieves. Worldwide, we are expected to defend Israel from Muslims, The E.U. from Russians, and the world from China. Small oil refiners don’t have the right to blend fuel as they wish. Consumers are forced to insure homeowners in flood plains, and farmers who don’t plan for variations in weather and markets. We donate $3,500 to every electric car buyer. We subsidize windmills that would never be built without that subsidy.

If every transaction that people make were voluntary on both sides, the world wouldn’t fall apart. Individual rights and the ability to control the fruits of our labor are the reason we can afford the luxury of all the waste generated by the dictatorship we blindly accept as necessary for an orderly society.

We should stand behind the Zesches and anyone else who is under attack by government.

Fritz Groszkruger

Dumont, Ia

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