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Letters from readers

By Staff | Mar 19, 2020

To the editor:

Whether you agree with Alan Guebert or not, his column is interesting and credible since he consistently cites sources for the information he passes along. From USDA and other agencies to commodity group reports, the Wall Street Journal to local newspapers, and ag economists, among others, he makes a case for his opinion. Those who write letters to the editor would be well-advised to try and do the same.

In the February 28 Farm News, for example, a frequent letter writer takes issue with Guebert’s recent “Go Green” column by making something like ten assertions (they are so blurred together it’s hard to get an accurate count) without offering a single source other than “ask any scientist not associated with the wind industry.” Another doubtful assertion.

It’s good to remember that while we’re all entitled to have opinions, all opinions are not equal. Just throwing yours out there doesn’t build a case for anything. To the contrary, it can make you look and sound like a fool. And concluding a letter to the editor by labeling everything you disagree with as “fake news” may be popular among some people but it’s not an argument for your case. It’s more like the retort of an angry, frustrated child on the playground.

Bob Uetz


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