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Farm Gal Soaps

By Kriss Nelson - Farm News editor | Dec 9, 2020

HARDY — Handcrafters prepare unique and personalized items. Some do it as their full-time job, for others it is their side hustle. Regardless, local support of their businesses could make for some fun gift giving and even better gift receiving.

Farm Gal Soaps features handcrafted goat milk soaps and natural body products.

“They’re handcrafted for you in small batches,” said Sarah Johnson, owner of Farm Gal Soaps of Hardy. “I am not a mass producer.”

Johnson said she started Farm Gal Soaps after attending a Farmers’ Market helping her oldest daughter sell some baked goods.

“While I was sitting there, I thought I could probably make soap and sell it,” she said. “Earlier that year, we had a friend of mine, for use as an outing for our homeschool, show us how she made soap.”

After some trial and error, Farm Gal Soaps was born.

Johnson said she first started selling bars of soap and later added lotion, bath bombs, shower steamers, rubber ducky bath bombs, laundry soap, deodorant and most recently hand sanitizer.

“It’s all things I knew people were using that wanted more natural products,” she said.

Johnson makes her Farm Gal Soaps using fresh goat’s milk. The 35 to 40 gallons of goat’s milk comes from a local family in Renwick.

The goat’s milk is used in the making of her bars of soap and lotion. Powdered goat’s milk is used in the making of her bath bombs.

Her laundry soap is also made with goat’s milk, as she utilizes her unscented soap in the laundry soap.

Johnson prides herself in the fact she uses all natural ingredients.

“The bath bombs do not have any of the chemicals like all the ones the stores have,” she said. “Mine have the goat’s milk, coconut oil and mango butter – so when you take a bath you are not itching when you get out. Your skin feels really, really good.”

Although her hand sanitizer and deodorants do not use goat’s milk – they are still all natural.

“I just look out for those chemicals people don’t like,” she said.

Her laundry soap is just that, not a laundry detergent.

“Laundry detergent at a store has detergent cleaners in them that they put in motors to keep motors clean,” she said. “That’s why I can’t call it a detergent. It doesn’t have the detergent additives to it. It is a true laundry soap. It doesn’t take much and cleans just as well.”

Her products may be missing those chemicals found in popular store’s soaps and lotions – but they don’t miss the scents.

Some of her most popular scents are “Mr. Macho” – a scent she said that resembles Axe Body Spray; “Champagne Bubbles” and “Blueberry Thyme.”

Johnson is open for making custom orders. If you like a particular scent, but not the color – that is not a problem.

“I just really try to take care of my customers, because that’s what makes me happy – when they are happy,” she said.

You can visit Johnson’s Facebook page to keep up to date with her offerings or visit her website at www.farmgalsoaps.com.

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