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Were actions on Jan. 6 a last ditch effort to overthrow our republic?

By David Kruse - Columnist | Jan 19, 2021

The FBI has classified the rioters that participated in the January 6th insurrection at the Capital as “terrorists”. The reason that they can do that is that the thugs did a great job of sharing what they did via social media. The FBI has evidence of the crimes on tape, so to speak. Peter Zeihan wrote, “FBI is treating the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick at the hands of the rioters as a murder of one of their own. Yes, murder. His skull was bashed in with a fire extinguisher, and then he was dragged from the Capitol and beaten to death by the crowd in a full-on Fallujah-style horror. One rioter even struck him repeatedly with a pole…that had the American flag on the other end. This. Is. Not. Free. Speech. The bureau has pulled out the stops in hunting them down.”

Prior to the election, any American who was flying a Trump flag was doing so as part of the democratic political process which is encouraged. I noted that after the election the Biden flags went down almost immediately. I also noted that after the election that the appropriate flag to fly was the U.S. Stars and Stripes as the country had decided the election. Trump flags were slow to be removed with many hanging on for weeks as supporters clung to the false narrative that the election was stolen from them. The Trump flag along with the Confederate flag flew inside the capital building as the rioters trampled on our Constitution. For the record, anyone still flying a Trump flag after January 6th is a terrorist sympathizer. The FBI says that the rioters were terrorists so support for them is support for domestic terrorism. This group that rallied in D.C. was no different than other Trump rallies. The gasoline was always there waiting for a crazy man with a match. I realize events are moving fast for Trump supporters now cut off from their poisoned information on social media platforms. When Trump supporters were called “deplorables” many took that as a label of honor and I spotted bumper stickers that read, “Proud to be a Deplorable.” Next, we will probably see bumper stickers that read “Terrorist Sympathizer.” Hope not.

I have been careful to try not to lump Trump supporters into the group called republicans. I once was a republican and could be again. In 2016 I attended the GOP Iowwa caucuses and didn’t vote for either Cruz or Trump believing then that they were crazy and attempting to spread their insanity. I was trying to understand the appeal of Trump, and a Trump supporter at the caucus said he backed Trump because he wanted a president who defended and respected the Constitution. I was confused by that as many of Trumps policies were unconstitutional. Trumps rioters deludedly thought they were defending the Constitution while violating it on January 6th. The 128 GOP Senators and Congressman who voted not to certify Bidens electoral college win after the riots violated their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. The GOP did not even bother with a party platform last virtual convention because they had become a cult group with Trump setting the policy. He has no moral compass so the GOP was set adrift without one either.

Here is another quote from Peter Zeihan that I align with, “Today, the United States has largely withdrawn its forces from the world. In the aftermath of Iraq and Afghanistan, America has had years to rest, recover, recruit, and rearm. I’ve recently found myself saying that anyone stupid enough to pick a fight with the United States deserves what they get. I always thought that Americans were smart enough to tell fact from fiction. To know when they are being manipulated. The past few years have proven me wrong again and again and again. I really don’t want the United States to launch a conflict because of social media b.s. The damage we could do to ourselves and others would be incalculable. Social media isn’t (just) about cat videos and your grandchildren’s pictures. It has become geopolitical”.

Here is the major point from today’s rant…the coup attempt made on the Capital by Trump thugs was meant to keep him in the White House thwarting the Constitution and electoral democracy. He had put sycophants in control of the Defense Department, fired a U.S. attorney in Georgia who would not corrupt that election, and set the wheels in motion in the hope that he could domino the institutions into enough collapse that he could take power. His attorney general resigned and left early because Barr knew what was coming. Pardoned General Flynn argued that martial law was not a bad thing. This was a fledging fascist conspiracy planned to get the ball rolling that they hoped would become unstoppable. Even a few Capital police appeared to be sympathizers. If it failed, he still had pardons in his back pocket to use before January 20th. Insurrectionist Ted Cruz argued for a period of time to investigate alleged election irregularities before certifying Biden as President. That was a ruse. They needed more time to contrive more bogus false assertions.

One more quote from Zeihan, “For those of you on the Right, do you believe the election was fraudulent? Because not a single — not one — piece of evidence has been presented in court or the public sphere that has withstood the scrutiny of a third grader. For those of you on the Left, did you think that the 2020 Black Lives Matters protests were huge? Because they weren’t. The shift from broadcasting to narrowcasting has weakened our ability to see the truth of things even when the real facts are right in front of us. And that takes some people down some seriously odd rabbit holes.”

What Trump, Cruz and the terrorists attempted to do on January 6th was to end the USA as we know it replacing it with Trump as the strong man dictator. It failed because our institutions held up. He thought that he was going to have four more years to undermine the Constitution replacing it with autocracy. This was a last ditch failed attempt to overthrow our republic. Impeachment is way too good for him and his ilk.

David Kruse is president of CommStock Investments Inc., author and producer of The CommStock Report, an ag commentary and market analysis available daily by radio and by subscription on DTN/FarmDayta and the Internet.

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