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Letter to the editor

By Staff | Mar 10, 2021

To the editor:

I got a kick out the column “Trade war is far from won” by David Kruse. Why? Because his analysis is about 3 years behind progressive news sources!

We progressive farm activist and progressive news sources seen right through Trump’s so called Trade war with China as pure bunk. We knew U. S. Manufacturing was not going to return from China! We knew that the repatriation of U. S. capital flight dollars if given a chance through tax breaks would not be used to reinvest in U. S. Manufacturing but instead to buy back their own stocks. We already knew that manufacturing was moving out of China seeking lower labor costs like Vietnam.

In fact giant giant multinational corporations are eyeing India! Why, because India’s dictator Modi is trying to drive millions of small family farms off the land by getting rid of the grain price floor, in order to make room for factory farming. In other words the possibility that millions of India’s family farmers being a source of cheap labor to exploit has multinational corporations foaming at the mouth for more profits.

Trump’s cozy photo opportunity with Modi India’ right wing president in the U. S. was a signal that America industry and multinationals were planning to undermine China’s industrial might and to in circle China’s sphere of influence. So the destruction of India’s small family farms is part of what is called ” The Long Game” in international politics.

In regards to Brazil capturing the soybean market that country has already played a fools game! Brazil’s right wing president Bolsinaro has approved of the destruction of thousands of small family farms, in favor of large industrial farming, in order to export grains to earn capital! Now Brazil has to import food to feed its own citizens! Recklessly Brazil is destroying rain forests to raise livestock and grains which is having an effect on their weather patterns and the world.

The covid 19 pandemic is the direct result of out of control human encroachment and destruction of nature. Industrial agriculture (factory farming) via destruction and starving out of family farm grain and livestock production is a blueprint for the possibility of even a more dangerous virus species jump (animal to human contact).

Mark my final words as a warning ” national and multinational control of grain and livestock production (factory farming) and further destruction of nature, is a blueprint for a dystopian world insuring future generations will curse our Graves”!

Larry Ginter


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