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Growth continues at Timpte, Inc.

By Kriss Nelson - Farm News editor | Apr 1, 2021



For Timpte, Inc., it’s all about new product releases, enhancements and expansions over the past year and into 2021.

Aaron Dinslage, general manager of Central Region with Timpte, Inc. said not only has the company released a new line of utility trailers, they have made enhancements and updates to their grain trailers and most recently completed an expansion to their David City, Nebraska Facility.

“Timpte has grown a lot in the last several years and currently produce the No. 1 dry bulk commodity Trailer in North America. This expansion in David City is really our commitment to rural America and continuing to serve the industry,” he said.

The new expansion includes a new customer support center; parts, service and sales center; new corporate center as well as a new research and development facility.

“The new research and development center is really an extension of what our customers are telling us they need and what they want in a trailer,” said Dinslage. “Our Iowa customers play a huge role in helping us understand what’s needed out there on the market.”

Dinslage explained the expansion to the facility reaches more than just that immediate area.

“The benefits are certainly not just for eastern Nebraska,” he said. “It is also for our friends and customers in Iowa. This is really a commitment to those in the Midwest that we are here to stay and we are going to continue supporting them through designing new trailers the way they need them so they can make a living with a quality product and supporting them any way we can before and after the sale.”

Timpte, Inc., also has nine full-service factory direct locations throughout the Grain Belt.

Those locations, Dinslage said include a parts and service center where trailers can be repaired, and parts ordered as well as new and used trailer sales.

Utility trailers

Last August, Timpte, Inc. released a new line of utility trailers.

“We are really excited about our new utility trailers,” Dinslage said. “There’s some key features that differentiate us from what is out there on the market right now.”

The No. 1 feature, Dinslage said is the fact these trailers are constructed out of aluminum.

“Most trailers on the market today are steel, with a very few percentage made of aluminum,” he said. “What makes ours interesting and innovative is, our design doesn’t have any aluminum welds. We use mechanical fasteners rather than welds which allows for less opportunity for things to crack and break.”

Other benefits to an aluminum trailer, is they offer a longer life cycle, better resale and the fact they are lighter in weight.

“You can payload more. They are certainly easier to pull and one of the small things that adds up is improved gas mileage if you are pulling a trailer that is not as heavy,” he said.

Dinslage said Timpte Inc., currently offers two choices of lengths in a 3,000 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW); 7,000 GVW and 10,000 GVW trailers.

Aluminum build isn’t the only thing Dinslage says that sets the new utility trailers aside from others on the market.

The new lineup features the Powered EZ Load Drop Deck System.

“When you talk about ease of loading and unloading, time is money to everybody,” he said. “When you are able to push a button, lower it down, load your equipment, push a button and raise it back up – there are no ramps to store, install, secure and put away. For our customers, in particular our farm customers out there, every farm has a utility trailer of some sort. Time is money to our customer base. They want to load their equipment and go.”

Grain trailers

The 2022 models of grain trailers from Timpte Inc., Dinslage said were released the first of March. This new model brings an update to the classic look.

“We renovated some things on the grain trailer,” he said. “But made sure to keep the same Timpte quality and tradition with enhanced performance and appearance our customers have come to know.”

Dinslage said the one of the major changes can be seen on the sides of the trailer.

“The changes really give it a nice, refined look,” he said.

The lower rail on the trailer was increased in size. The conspicuity tape was placed inside the rail, Dinslage said versus on the aluminum panels of the trailer which will allow for more light configurations and also gives the trailer and sharper, cleaner look.

Other enhancements include some changes to the mud flaps as well as aluminum modesty plates on the end of the cross tubes on the suspension for better appearance.

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