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Letters from readers

By Staff | Apr 20, 2021

To the editor:

Wow farmer George Naylor hit the nail on the head in his letter on March 26. Ever since I started farming in 1965 all I have ever heard from the sowers of deceit (ag.secretaries, economists, bankers, politicians and farm publication’s) farmers need new markets and absolutely nothing about a parity price at the farm gate. George is right this nations leaders embarked on a mission to get rid of the diversified family farm system which in the 1940’s and early 50′ was considered the envy of the world.

Instead of parity prices at the farm gate, government genuflected to the altar of Cold War tactics (resumption of gun boat diplomacy and free marketeerism) . Yep there would be no regulated price, no supply management, no grain reserve just plain fence row to fence production, a recipe for grain gluts, endless war and environmental destruction.

Grain gluts to create a cheap grain policy not only in America but to capture world markets for agribusiness to dominate grain and livestock production internationally. Witness the battle ground in India, millions of diversified small family farms are to be sacrificed on the altar of greed and economic power, a blueprint for political tyranny. If the uproot is successful, millions of humans will be moved into the vast pool of the world’s unemployed, ripe for the pickings for agribusiness factory farming with its fence row to fence row crop production.

George poders why Vilsack is saying nothing about the destruction of Brazillian rainforests while encouraging carbon sequestration on American farms? Rainforests not only are the lungs of the world they are vast carbon sinks.

Carbon credits are just another market ploy designed to take our minds off the issue of parity price floors on grains. Vilsack is a market caretaker for factory farming period. Actually the issue of rainforest destruction is a human rights issue and should be a major crime against humanity! All of humanity should declare rainforest destruction off limits and they need to come under U.N. protection. Agribusiness CAFO farming and rainforest destruction are human constructs of pure folly.

In regards to climate change the world must rid itself from factory farming and re-establish diversification on all the worlds farms. The Green New Deal means parity price floors, supply management, grain reserves, and livestock back on the land with conservation minded crop rotations.

Larry Ginter


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