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By KRISTIN DANLEY-GREINERFarm-News-Iowa-KSDG@msn.comOn Aug. 9, 2020, Midwesterners went about their day, oblivious to what was about to unfold in the next 24 hours. A weather phenomenon called a derecho ripped across eastern Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, parts of Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan leaving widespread damage in its wake.With wind speeds exceeding 110 miles per hour and lashing rain, the inland hurricane ripped trees out of the ground, tossed about grain bins and trampolines, completely flattened fields of crops and tore roofs off of homes, schools and buildings.Sadly, several ...

A bearish report for August WASDE

By now many people have seen pictures of this bin complex located on the west edge of Luther. It's about six miles south of Boone, Hwy 30 and our farm place. We have heard of unofficial National ...


Plan C

Part 1Do you remember Plan B?I was concerned about the growing competitiveness of Brazil 20 years ago. They were the up and coming soybean producing competitor. My idea was to use the loan rate in the farm program to support our soybean price and roll acreage from corn into soybeans so that we ...

Farm Cooks


It’s almost harvest time in Iowa

Since human beings first learned to cultivate the soil, harvest time has had extraordinary significance. In earlier centuries, good crops meant prosperity and security. They signaled that the winter months just ahead could be faced without fear of starvation.In 21st-century Iowa, harvest season ...