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Microgreens and honey are all the buzz

By KRISS NELSON editor@farm-news.com FORT DODGE ­—With more and more farmland being placed into the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), this has also provided land for habitat for honey bees and other pollinators. Seeing these converted acres sparked an interest for rural Webster County resident, Scott Croonquist. “We saw all of this land going into CRP – all of those pollinator projects, but no pollinators, so we decided to take advantage of that,” he said. Scott Croonquist, his wife, Angela Croonquist, and family Colin, Carter and Caitlyn Croonquist, began Spring ...

A bullish market continues for soybeans

I spoke too soon. Just when I mentioned that the winter had been rather mild with no subzero cold that was dangerously cold, as in 15 to 25 below actual temps, one of those polar vortexes breaks ...


Midwest Marketing Solution

U.S. pork exports reach record U.S. pork exports reached nearly 3 million tons in 2020, topping the 2019 record by 11 percent. U.S. beef exports were lower year-over-year, dropping five percent. Lamb exports set a record of 20 million metric tons sold, up 27 percent from the previous ...

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Enjoy Progress edition 2021

As the holiday season draws to a close each year, the writing staff at Farm News embarks on a challenging adventure — producing a comprehensive look at how a wide array of developments in our region are shaping the agricultural tomorrow. While every issue of this newspaper is filled with ...